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May 29 2018

More than 85% of primary care practice responders agree that working with a CPESN pharmacy can help improve patient health outcomes, a study by Trista Pfeiffenberger, director of quality assurance and improvement for CPESN, and Kristin Lundeen, director of pharmacy at CCNC, found

May 2 2018

View pictures and download the posters presented at the Clinical Operations annual Care Management Conference in Raleigh, NC

April 20 2018

Ahead of NC's healthcare $14 billion Medicaid reform, Tom Wroth, chief operating officer at CCNC, says a major area of focus for CCNC will be working with small, independent physician practices

April 16 2018

“CCNC's model is to try to contract with multiple plans and be that single source of care management that really helps improve the care outcome [for] the Medicaid population,” Stan Taylor, senior vice president of business development at CCNC, tells the Triangle Business Journal

April 12 2018

MeridianHealth and Community Care Physician Network confirmed an agreement today to build upon CCPN’s advanced medical home success and incorporate Meridian’s leading quality programs to create better outcomes for North Carolina Medicaid enrollees

April 8 2018

One of only 29 organizations nationwide participating in the Transforming Clinical Practice, CCNC is making progress in preparing North Carolina Medical practices for value-based reimbursement

April 3 2018

Results from a case study in one of CCNC's local networks found savings of $1.9 million annually for approximately 20,000 program members

April 1 2018

Pediatric EHRs, strides in PTN, & more in this month's issue from CCNC

March 29 2018

Trauma-informed primary care can ameliorate the impact of adverse childhood experiences in early childhood, writes CCNC's Dr. Marian Earls in the latest issue of the 'North Carolina Medical Journal'

March 8 2018

CCNC's patient-centered care management strategy requires turning healthcare upside down, says Jamie Philyaw, vice president of care management at CCNC

February 25 2018

Dr. Marian Earls, CCNC's deputy chief medical officer and pediatrician, & Kern Eason, pediatric program manager at CCNC, sat down with 'Healthcare Informatics' and 'EHR Intelligence' to talk CCNC's efforts to bring pediatric functionality to electronic health records (EHRs)

February 18 2018

North Carolina Medical Journal's January/February issue features an article written by Kern Eason, program manager at CCNC, and Dr. Marian Earls, deputy chief medical officer at CCNC, on the unique path of integrating oral health into pediatric primary care visits in North Carolina

February 7 2018

Triangle Business Journal covers CCNC's new partnership with VirtualHealth, a Manhattan-based digital population health management company

February 7 2018

CCNC is partnering with VirtualHealth to implement a new care management platform incorporating technology and value-based care for its program’s 1.7 million current Medicaid members and anticipated Medicare Advantage enrollees

February 1 2018

The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality cite CCNC’s physician reports, UNC taps CPESN® to collaborate on new pharmacy guide & more in this month’s newsletter

February 1 2018

Membership in the Community Care Physician Network has increased by 51% in just the last year

January 24 2018

Tammie McLean, Tara Kinard, and Jennifer Wehe-Davis have been named to these regional roles

January 20 2018

Aetna collaborates with Community Care of North Carolina to deliver integrated care to state Medicaid beneficiaries

January 3 2018

CCNC's physician feedback reports were cited in a recent study by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to improve care team performance

January 1 2018

Take a look at what 2018 brings for CCNC in this month's newsletter, including new collaborations with Aetna & WellCare