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Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral Health

Helping Practices More Seamlessly Integrate On-Site Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) services can be a tremendous resource to medical practices as they seek to identify and address behavioral health conditions in their populations. We begin with a readiness assessment and then assist the practice in implementing screening protocols for mild to moderate behavioral health conditions (depression, anxiety, and risky substance use). We help practices more seamlessly integrate on-site behavioral health services.

BHI services give practices new tools to improve patient outcomes and help prepare them for value-based reimbursement and emerging quality improvement standards.



CCNC-led integrated care helps further the goal of the “quadruple aim": better experience of care, health in our community, improved provider satisfaction, and lower per capita cost.


How We Work 

  • We break BHI down into clear, attainable steps. We will work with practices “where they are,” and help choose an integration model best suited to the practice site.
  • We work to implement Evidence-Based Models of Integrated Care, including Primary Care Behavioral Health consultant model (PCBH); Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT); or Collaborative Care, a registry-based intervention model.
  • Direct support is given to providers and clinical staff to promote BHI best practices for care coordination and patient co-management workflows within multidisciplinary patient care teams.
  • We provide behavioral health subject matter and billing expertise to support workflows that integrate behavioral health into the medical home. We emphasize the adoption of evidence-based pathways and utilization of behavioral health specialty providers.
  • Support is provided through multiple technical assistance contacts per month based on the needs of practices. Both on- and off-site consulting services are available.



Menu of Core Behavioral Health Offerings 

Care Management
  • Support to patients with complex medical and comorbid behavioral health needs
  • Motivational Interviewing/Patient Engagement Techniques
Opioid Safety
  • Naloxone education/training
  • Practice snapshots for opioid utilization/prescribing
  • Urine drug screening education
  • Narcotic lock-in assistance
Referral Pathways for BH Diagnoses Not Treated in Primary Care
  • Help to bridge the gap between primary care and the BH Specialty system
  • Provide referral forms to enhance communications between providers