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Making Headway on Cost, Utilization and Quality

CCNC's population-based, doctor- and data-driven approach to health care is saving money while improving the care delivered to CCNC enrollees. This result has been confirmed by several leading consulting firms and examined in detail in peer-reviewed studies. 

“CCNC is to be congratulated for moving from opaque actuarial studies to the harsh glare of peer-reviewed publications… [which] are sufficiently positive to believe that North Carolina's taxpayers got their money's worth.”
-- Jaan Sidorov, Community Care North Carolina Style Medical Home Saves Money, the Disease Management Care Blog, 9/25/13

“During the past 10 years, improvement work has flourished in a number of developed nations, including the United States. Most of this work, however, takes place in one institution -- a hospital safety project or a primary care diabetes program -- and is small. The Community Care of North Carolina innovation encompasses many institutions -- 1,200 primary care practices -- and is large, 750,000 patients….Health care needs large projects, and Community Care of North Carolina should grab many leaders’ attention...”
-- Tom Bodenheimer, North Carolina Medicaid: A Fruitful Payer-Practice Collaboration, Ann Fam Med 2008:292-294

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For more information on financial and quality results, please contact Paul Mahoney.