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CCNC kicks off regional meetings

CCNC kicks off regional meetings

CCNC kicks off regional meetings

CCNC employees from Regions 4, 5 & 6 gathered for kickoff meetings recently to welcome newly onboarded staff and to discuss continuous quality improvement during the transition to Medicaid Managed Care in North Carolina. 

Attended by over 120 field staff combined, these kick off meetings assure alignment with CCNC’s culture, contract deliverables, and strategic goals resulting in a high performing workforce that is personally and professionally motivated and ready to deliver on the demands of the new environment.  

“Our employees are excited about being one company and moving to a regional state-wide approach, recognizing the value and need for standardization across the state,” said Denise Levis-Hewson, executive vice president of care management and provider services at CCNC. 

CCNC’s HR team has been an integral part of the transition and onboarding of staff. “In the face of explosive growth, John Dowd & Nikki May’s support and individual touch with employees, especially to those in need, remains a strength in our organization,” said Jennifer Wehe-Davis, Regional Vice President overseeing Regions 1-3. 

During these kickoff meetings, staff expressed their love for CCNC’s culture and mission. "There is nowhere else that does things like CCNC does! The relationship we have with our providers, with each other, on the team, is phenomenal. Still, there’s nothing that compares to that feeling of knowing that I am actually able to help somebody," says Ben MacDonald, care management supervisor in Region 5. 

On the future of CCNC, Levis-Hewson told employees, “We are on track to implement, deliver, and meet the expectations of delivering a high-performing network. No doubt, our teams have the passion for the work and are 100% mission aligned to delivering an excellent service to providers and members, alike.” 

Kickoff meetings in Regions 1, 2, and 3 will be held in September.  



CCNC staff from Regions 4, 5 & 6 attend kickoff meetings held in Raleigh (top) and Southern Pines (bottom)

CCNC kickoffs regional meetings

CCNC kicks off regional meetings