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The Center for Community-Based Primary Care

The Center for Community-Based Primary Care

From identification to implementation to advocation – the Center is removing obstacles and increasing opportunities to primary care access for all North Carolinians

The Center for Community-Based Primary Care is actively changing access to healthcare in North Carolina. By pioneering and initiating innovative programs in business solutions, human resources, recruiting, and administration in independent practices throughout the state, our initiatives are positively impacting access to primary care, particularly for underserved and rural areas, allowing us to:

  • Identify and implement workable solutions that improve access to primary care
  • Test proposed programs and initiatives in CCPN-affiliated practices
  • Advocate for what helps NC residents gain and maintain access to primary care


NEW! Learn about our new mentorship program below




The Center for Community-Based Primary Care: Mentorship Program

To ensure primary care physicians become a strong presence in their communities, capable of establishing and running practices that best serve the needs of their patients, The Center for Community-Based Primary Care has developed the Primary Care VMS program using a Team Mentorship approach and accepts graduating resident physicians, experienced physicians in transition, or physicians interested in optimizing their practice.

Beginning January 2024, we are now offering a new virtual Primary Care education webinar series. To participate in the webinar, register at this link, make sure you use the scroll bar and select all or each event you wish to attend. You will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meetings and a calendar button that will add the events to your calendar(s). You will only have to register one time to have access to all the available course events through August 2024. Completed webinars will be posted on this page, so if you missed the event or want to review, please click on the topic of interest for more information about the webinar and links to the recording and slide deck from the presentation.

Learn more about the Primary Care VMS program in our Resource Center.



Our Three Areas of Focus




Workforce Pathways

Programs aimed at curriculum development, mentorship, teaching practices, and workforce development that are dedicated to improving interest in family medicine, pediatrics, and independent primary care



Clinical Innovation

Business support such as testing new delivery models, practice supports, and programs to improve clinical outcomes and financial stability



Care Advocates

Creating a unified voice as advocates for primary care in concert with partners and stakeholders committed to helping physicians, practices, and patients thrive in value-based care



Our Beginnings

With a foundation rooted in CCNC, the largest North Carolina-based independent primary care practice partner, and leadership fueled by CCPN, the largest clinically integrated network of primary care physicians in North Carolina, The Center for Community-Based Primary Care is poised to make a substantial impact on access to primary care in every area of our state.



Our Partnerships

Working directly through the leadership of CCNC and with practice members of CCPN, the Center is creating workforce pathways for physicians, helping to identify clinical and business innovations for their practices, and advocating and fundraising through a unified voice. Through our academic and healthcare institution partnerships and collaborations, we’re designing and developing mentorship programs for medical students as well as programs that guide physicians in staffing and running a successful practice.



Our Mission

The Center for Community Based Primary Care is dedicated to improving access to high quality primary care in North Carolina, especially within rural and underserved communities. With support from Center staff and Advisory Group Participants, programs and initiatives are developed, launched, and facilitated.




"Removing the obstacles between patients and primary care has always been the goal. Capitalizing on the years of experience of our organization, and the passion and expertise of the largest network of independent primary care physicians, we can do just that with the Center. We’re poised to create solutions to these obstacles and ensure everyone in North Carolina will have the access to care they need, whenever or wherever they need it.”

-Tom Wroth, MD, MPH, President & CEO of CCNC








Workforce Pathway

Focus Area Goal

Directly impact the critical shortage of primary care physicians in North Carolina, particularly in rural areas and other underserved communities by increasing interest in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Behavioral Health, and independent primary care


2024 Workforce Pathway Initiatives

  • Primary Care Health System Science Curriculum Development
  • Family Medicine and Pediatric Mentorship Program for Medical Students
  • Enhancing and Supporting Teaching Practices
  • Primary Care Venture Mentoring Services







Clinical & Business Innovation

Focus Area Goal

Improve access to primary care by creating innovative programs and initiatives that narrow healthcare disparities, are based on collaborative care models that integrate behavioral health into primary care, and utilize sustainable partnerships with third-party vendors


2024 Clinical & Business Solutions

  • Health Equity: Expansion of CCNC Community Health Workers
  • Health Equity: Data-driven Support for Health Equity Work (with Cape Fear Collective)
  • Behavioral Health Integration 
  • Rural Health Clinic Feasibility Study Support & Pilot
  • Select Practice Administration Business Support







Care Advocates

Focus Area Goal

Establish a unified voice in concert with other mission-aligned organizations in advancing primary care opportunities and support. A voice that also represents the influence and expertise of CCPN, experts, and key physician leaders when engaging with philanthropic organizations and seeking grants and funding to advance opportunities for scholarship programs, expand incentives, support innovative delivery models, and improve primary care payment models


2024 Primary Care Initiatives

  • Rural Scholars/Medicine Fellows Program – House Bill 2023
  • Advocate the Results in Increased Reimbursement for Tailored Plan Patients
  • Support Development of Rural Delivery Models for Essential Services
  • Identify Mission Aligned Partners and Potential NC And National Center Fund Supporters





"With our advisory group directing the programs that will increase access to primary care, and our partners giving valuable insight, we’re in a position to shape the independent primary care landscape for years to come. These programs will increase the number independent care physicians and support for practices; critical areas to focus on to ensure we help increase the access to primary care."

-Greg Adams, MD, Boone, NC







Get Involved

The Center's success leans heavily on the active participation of advisory group participants who help drive decision making in the programs and initiatives we develop. The valuable input of our partners allows the Center to develop robust and innovative mentorship programs, teaching practices, and staffing and recruiting methods that strengthen the primary care workforce pathways across our state.

By amplifying a unified voice for community-based primary care that is comprised of key physician leaders, CCPN, and primary care experts, the Center will serve as a lead advocate for access to primary care in North Carolina, particularly when searching for grant and funding opportunities.

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