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The Center for Community-Based Primary Care: Learn More

Who We Are

Committed to Improving the Health of Our Communities

Community Care of North Carolina is the largest and longest-running medical home system in the U.S. We’re known nationwide for reducing healthcare costs while improving outcomes. We have a proven method of identifying patients who are most likely to benefit from care management. We call it ImpactabilityTM.

CCNC’s community-based care managers work with physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and other caregivers to develop care plans that connect people to the right local resources and really make a difference.

No one knows North Carolina’s communities better than CCNC, and our proven population health management approach delivers better health outcomes and higher patient and physician satisfaction at lower costs.


The New CCNC: Our Numbers Tell Our Story

When communities partner with CCNC, they see improved patient engagement and quality of care, reduced costs, and enhanced organizational efficiencies. We have learned a lot in two decades of working with patients, and our approach has improved steadily over that period. What does this actually look like? Here are the numbers that tell the story of CCNC’s nationally-recognized, proven approach to providing care for 1 out of every 6 patients in North Carolina:

  • Hospital admissions reduced by 27% and readmissions reduced by 59% in 2016
  • $645 million saved on healthcare costs in North Carolina during the last two years
  • $2 billion in projected savings by 2022

In North Carolina, physician-driven, patient-centered care is happening. And it is benefiting more than 6,000 providers, 1.7 million patients and 9 million taxpayers.

The videos at left show how CCNC Networks work within their communities to help patients and providers achieve better health outcomes. To get a sense of CCNC's long-term mission and approach to care, please see the video below.