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CCNC Data Briefs

CCNC Data Briefs

CCNC periodically publishes data briefs to share interesting discoveries, insights, and conclusions


Data Brief #14

Health Disparities at CCPN: Childhood Vaccine Completion Rates and Adult Chronic Diseases


Data Brief #13

The Maternal-Infant Impactability Score™ (MIIS) for Care Managers: A Demonstrated Approach for Reducing Low Birth Weight Through Pregnancy Care Management


Data Brief #12

How “Finding the Needle in a Haystack” Continues to Yield Savings from CCNC Care Management


Data Brief #11

Savings Impact of Community Care of North Carolina: A Review of the Evidence


Data Brief #10

Care Management for Medicaid-enrolled Children: Insights for Savings Optimization


Data Brief #9

Effectiveness of CCNC's Transitional Care Model for Reducing Medicare Cost and Utilization Among Dual Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries


Data Brief #8

Emergency Department Use Among Medicaid Patients with Schizophrenia: The Impact of Medication Adherence


Data Brief #7

Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) Program Improves Screening Rates


Data Brief #6

Palliative Care Intervention Reduces Costs for Seriously Ill Medicaid Beneficiaries at the End of Life


Data Brief #5

Identifying Highest Yield Transitional Care Opportunities


Data Brief #4

It's All about Impactability! Optimizing Targeting for Care Management of Complex Patients


Data Brief #3

Who Provides Primary Care Medical Homes for NC Medicaid Recipients


Data Brief #2

Hospitalization Trends in North Carolina Medicaid


Data Brief #1

NC Medicaid Spending Flat Predictable

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