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CCNC and Primary Care

Supporting enhanced, community-based primary care networks for highest-value care

CCNC has decades of experience working collaboratively with physicians to promote best practices and quality improvement. CCNC transforms quality reporting and patient data into actionable strategies to raise HEDIS scores, improve health outcomes and lower costs for the patient, the payer and the community. 

We work closely with the Community Care Physician Network, North Carolina's largest independent physician network. With more than 3,000 primary care physicians in 900+ practices, CCPN physicians treat one out of every three Medicaid patients in the state. 

We're ready to introduce you to the communities we serve so you can develop the relationships needed for success. Our proven approach to population health management delivers better outcomes at lower costs with higher patient and physician satisfaction. 






Map of CCNC Participating Practices


CCPN Can Take You There

The new approaches to managing quality and physician reimbursement offer many opportunities to enhance patient care and practice revenue. But to succeed you need a partner who understands your patients and what it’s like to run a busy practice. Ready to take the next steps in pursuing on-going quality improvement and qualifying for additional sources of revenue?


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