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Do you want to go home every day knowing that you have made a real difference in someone’s life?


At CCNC, we help some of the state’s most vulnerable patients navigate the healthcare system and manage their conditions through the collaborative efforts of care teams deeply committed to meeting their needs. We use advanced, proven analytics to identify the patients we can help the most.

You can be part of that team! For information on current openings, please click the link below.

To hear the perspectives of current CCNC employees, please click on the links on the left-hand side of this page.

Now hiring for positions across North Carolina.



Employees give their perspectives on what is most important to them about working at CCNC:


“We all have the same driver and that is to improve the health of a very vulnerable population and that feels good. We’re all going for the same mission.”


“Being a voice for people who are vulnerable and educating people to be an advocate for themselves. Finding that one thing that keeps them out of the hospital and keeps them out of the emergency room, that’s the art of what CCNC does."


“Making an impact, I feel accomplished at the end of the day.”


"Being able to be a part of a support system for the most vulnerable population, feeling respected and listened to as an employee, and flexibility of our schedule and being home-based.”


“We love making a difference with our patients and our practices; seeing patients advance, grow, and improve.”


“Our relationships with our practices and our patients is key and really important as a part of our job.”


“As a company, achieving the results to prepare for the future and making sure that the staff has the tools that they need to be successful.”


“Making a positive difference in our patients lives, sometimes we can’t fix it all but leaving it better than you find it."


"Relationships developed with practices, coworkers, community agencies, engaging and empowering others, and getting contracts signed to feed the pipeline for the referrals.”


“Our relationships with our practices and our patients is key and really important as a part of our job.”