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PMH Care Pathways

Clinical pathways are developed through the Pregnancy Medical Home Program to promote evidence-based, best practice care statewide. PMH Care Pathways are developed by the OB physician leadership of all CCNC networks through a collaborative process. Pathways will be revised periodically to incorporate emerging evidence.

If you are a Pregnancy Medical Home provider with questions or comments about a PMH Care Pathway, or want to suggest a topic for future pathway development, please contact Kimberly DeBerry at


Management of Substance Use in Pregnancy

March 2019   |   Download


Perinatal Tobacco Use

June 2020   |   Download


Induction of Labor in Nulliparous Patients

March 2019   |   Download


Progesterone Treatment & Cervical Length Screening

March 2019   |   Download


Management of Obesity in Pregnancy

June 2019   |   Download


Multifetal Pregnancy

August 2019   |   Download


Management of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

August 2019   |   Download


Postpartum Care & the Transition to Well Woman Care

September 2019   |   Download