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About Us - Behavioral Health Integration Team

About Us 

Mission & Vision


The CCNC Behavioral Health Integration Program will be a resource for care management teams and primary care medical homes to support the treatment of individuals with behavioral health needs.


Primary care providers will use psychotropic medications and other treatment pathways in accordance with CCNC-reviewed clinical guidelines.

Behavioral health specialty providers will coordinate care with primary care medical homes to provide whole-person, evidence-based treatment.

CCNC care management teams will manage and coordinate care for patients with medical and behavioral health conditions.

Primary care medical homes will implement and sustain evidence-based models of integrated, whole-person care. Foundational steps will include: evidence-based tools for screening, brief treatment, clear referral pathways, and coordination of care with behavioral health specialists.

The CCNC Behavioral Health Integration team commits to proactively collaborating with federal, state, and local stakeholders to ensure high-quality, whole-person care. Examples include: knowledge-sharing; participation in advisory committees, public forums, and advocacy; policy consultation; and strategic planning.

The CCNC Enterprise will engage behavioral health systems state-wide to identify and remedy gaps in care for patients with behavioral health and medical conditions.


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