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Pediatric Scholarly Articles

Pediatric Scholarly Articles

AAP News, Jan. 2012: Mitigate Toxic Stress: A New Science of Early Childhood Reveals Urgency of Protecting Developing Brain

Health Affairs, Feb. 2013: Health Policy Brief, Patient Engagement

Health Affairs, Feb. 2013: Patient and Family Engagement: A Framework for Understanding The Elements and Developing Interventions and Policies

JAMA, July 2012: Chronic Mental Health Issues in Children Now Loom Larger Than Physical Problems

JAMA, Feb. 2013: Associations of Early Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Parental Depression with Subsequent Mental Health Outcomes

JAMA, Feb. 2013: Comparative Effectiveness Research, Unnecessary Suffering: Potential Unmet Mental Health Needs of Unaccompanied Alien Children

JAMA, Feb. 2013: Viewpoint, Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Youth in the United States (related chart)

National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality: Policy Brief, A Better Return on Investment: Improve Children's Healthcare

National Partnership for Women & Families, Feb. 2013: A Framework for Patient- and Family-Engagement (slideshow)

NEJM, Oct. 2013: Perspective, Silent Victims - An Epidemic of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

Pediatrics, July 2009: Policy Statement, The Future of Pediatrics: Mental Health Competencies for Pediatric Primary Care

Pediatrics, Jan. 2012: The Value of the Medical Home for Children Without Special Health Care Needs

Pediatrics, July 2012: State of Dental Care Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children in the United States

Pediatrics, Nov. 2012: Standards for Health Information Technology to Ensure Adolescent Privacy

Pediatrics, Jan. 2013: Readability, Suitability, and Characteristics of Asthma Action Plans: Examination of Factors That May Impair Understanding

Pediatrics, Feb. 2013: A Quality Improvement Intervention to Increase Access to Pediatric Subspeciality Practice

Pediatrics, March 2013: Oral Health Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: A Longitudinal View of Child Enrollment in Medicaid

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Clinical Report, Early Intervention, IDEA Part C Services, and the Medical Home: Collaboration for Best Practice and Best Outcomes

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Commentary, Children's Participation in Medicaid: A Matter of Time

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Late Preterm Infants: Near Term But Still in a Critical Developmental Time Period

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Medication Adherence and Health Care Utilization in Pediatric Chronic Illness: A Systematic Review

Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Policy Statement, Enhancing Pediatric Workforce Diversity and Providing Culturally Effective Pediatric Care: Implications for Practice, Education, and Policy Making

 Pediatrics, Oct. 2013: Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Child Care Settings: A Meta-analysis

Pediatrics, Nov. 2013: Randomized Controlled Trial of Universal Postnatal Nurse Home Visiting: Impact on Emergency Care

Pediatric Clinics of North America, Dec. 2013: Sickle Cell Disease in Childhood: From Newborn Screening Through Transition to Adult Medical Care