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Trygstad facilitates discussions on vaccines and immunizations

Trygstad facilitates discussions on vaccines and immunizations

Trygstad facilitates Pharmacy Times panels on vaccines and immunizations

Troy Trygstad, PharmD, MBA, PhD, vice president for pharmacy provider partnerships at CCNC, facilitated several panels in Pharmacy Times' Peer Exchange series entitled "The Progression of Immunization." Joined by key pharmacy opinion leaders, Trygstad moderates discussions on the immunization treatment landscape and advances being made in raising awareness, bridging the treatment gap, administration, and patient follow-up. 


Training Pharmacists and Technicians on Vaccine Policy

Troy Panel 1 Policy Training

A discussion on how to effectively train pharmacists and technicians on immunization coverage, administration and follow-up

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The Popularization of Immunization

Troy Panel 2 Popularization Immunization

A discussion on the popularization of immunization, and the transition of immunization care to pharmacies as primary providers

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The Importance of Immunization Registries

Troy Panel 3 Immunization Registries

A discussion on the importance of immunization registries and data surveys for pharmacists and technicians in identifying and reaching target populations

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Raising Awareness on Booster Vaccines

Troy Panel 4 Awareness Booster Vax

A discussion on the importance of booster vaccines and how to effectively raise awareness to target populations

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Barriers to Vaccine Screening and Administration

Troy Panel 5 Barriers to Vax

A discussion on the challenges in vaccine screening and administration, including non-flu vaccines, the distribution process, reimbursement issues, and accessibility restrictions

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The Future of Immunization Coverage & Administration

Troy Panel 6 Future of Immunizations

A discussion on the advancements being made in the practice of immunization coverage and administration

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Trygstad facilitates discussions on vaccines and immunizations