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CCNC Realigns to Serve New Medicaid System

CCNC Realigns to Serve New Medicaid System

CCNC Realigns to Serve New Medicaid System

FOR:        CCNC Stakeholders
FROM:    L. Allen Dobson, Jr., MD
RE:          CCNC Executive Realignment
DATE:     March 25, 2019


Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce a new executive structure to position CCNC to meet the demands of the changing health care environment, including the state’s move to Medicaid managed care in late 2019. CCNC’s new leadership structure supports the company’s statewide infrastructure and its long-standing relationships with physicians and care managers across North Carolina.  

I have been encouraged to see that the emerging Medicaid structure is in many ways moving CCNC closer to its deepest roots and long-term mission. Our historical role is supporting primary care medical homes and their patients with the people and technology needed for quality improvement, better health outcomes and improved cost-effectiveness. The new Medicaid system will change many things, but high-performing primary care will continue to be our number-one priority.

Effective immediately, CCNC’s Executive Leadership Team is comprised of:

  1. Denise Levis-Hewson, RN, BSN, MSPH, Executive Vice President, who will lead Care Management and Provider Services and continue her role as COO of the Community Care Physician Network (CCPN);
  2. Tom Wroth, MD, MPH, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, who will oversee the Analytics, Reporting and Technology division, Clinical Strategy, Performance Optimization and Service Management;
  3. Chris Woodfin, CPA, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, who will manage Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Account Management, Administrative Services and Legal Services; and 
  4. I will continue to serve as President and CEO, leading Strategy, Business Development and Communications. On my staff will be:
    • Tork Wade, Special Assistant to the President, leading external partnerships and business development;
    • Judy O’Neal, Senior Vice President, in charge of Public Affairs;
    • Ron Smith, Executive Business Advisor, supporting Strategic Initiatives. 

This new alignment positions CCNC well for the NC Medicaid Go-Live this fall and adds to CCNC’s resiliency and agility in the face of continuing changes in the health care industry.

Under the new system, CCNC and CCPN play important roles in keeping independent primary care practices financially viable. This is critical to preserving access to affordable care, especially in rural areas of the state. Independent practices are the backbone of the state’s delivery system and helping them thrive under the new Medicaid system is a win for patients, doctors, prepaid health plans and the state’s taxpayers.

We are excited to support our managed care partners in this new space as we continue CCNC’s long term mission benefitting patients, clinicians, business partners and taxpayers.


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CCNC Realigns to Serve New Medicaid System