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CCNC's 2020 Regional Medical Directors Announced

CCNC's 2020 Regional Medical Directors Announced 

In 2020, CCNC's Regional Medical Directors will be part of CCPN's Quality Improvement & Provider Services regional teams which are available to assist practices as they work to identify opportunities for quality improvement and develop plans to reach quality improvement goals. The CCNC Regional Medical Directors are:


Adult Medicine

Regions 1, 2 & 3: Dr. R.W. "Chip" Watkins

Region 4: Dr. Conrad Flick

Region 5: Dr. Tommy Newton

Region 6: Dr. Donald Ribeiro


Regions 1, 2 & 4: Dr. Gregory Adams

Regions 3, 5 & 6: Dr. Bill Stewart

Behavioral Health

Regions 1, 2 & 3: Dr. Karen Melendez

Regions 4 & 5: Dr. Mary Mandell

Region 6: TBD



If you would like to speak with the Regional Medical Director in your area, please contact


“It’s important that we help independent physicians feel confident that they can survive in the new value-based payment arrangements,” Greg Adams, MD, CCPN Co-President, said at the regional physician leadership meeting in January. “As I look around this room, I am really pleased to see that we’ve assembled people with the right experience and relationships to make that happen.”


CCNC's 2020 Regional Medical Directors Announced