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Introduction to PCMH

Four minute overview of PCMH

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Merck/NCQA PCMH Overview Video

Brief (22 minute) video outllining the PCMH recognition process.

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BCBS Blue Quality Physician Program Webinar presented by AccessCare

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National Resources

North Carolina page on PCPCC online national database.

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CCNC PCMH Resource Center

Resources for practices seeking PCMH Recognition

CCNC's Patient-Centered Medical Home Team (PCMH Team) has assembled a broad range of resources helpful to practices moving toward PCMH recognition. While the team's primary focus is on the multi-payer demonstration project, our materials provide a roadmap for any practice seeking PCMH status.

To access customized materials for practices seeking NCQA recognition under the 2011 PCMH guidelines, click the link below. This will take you to our PCMH 2011 Workbook and a variety of other materials helpful to medical practices on the PCMH path.

2011 PCMH Resources (click to review resources)

  • CCNC's "NCQA Recognition Workbook"- a detailed "how-to" document designed to help practices assemble the considerable documentation needed to complete the PCMH application.
  • PCMH Webinars - live webinars that walk practices through the PCMH process. Audio-video captures of the webinars will be archived to this site shortly after the presentation.
  • PowerPoint Presentations - archived copies of the webinar slides.
  • NEW! Comprehensive PCMH Document Library - 2011 (Sorry under construction.)

NEW! 2014 PCMH Resources (click to review resources)

  • One page overview: What’s new with 2014?
  • NCQA 2014 PCMH Standards and Guidelines
  • 2014 vs. 2011 PCMH crosswalk
  • Summary of PCMH scoring 
  • PCMH Standards and QuitlineNC Crosswalk

Keep checking this page for updates to our PCMH resources. If you come across information you think would be helpful to others, please let us know.

PCMH Practices in North Carolina

Congratulations to practices that have already been recognized as PCMH. North Carolina is making steady progress toward a transformation of primary care.

NCQA-recognized PCMH Practices in North Carolina (September, 2014)

Looking for documents and information on the older 2008 PCMH standards? Please see our page on 2008 PCMH Resources.