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The Center for Community-Based Primary Care

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CCNC Foster Care

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CCNC Foster Care Program
CCNC Foster Care Program
The Center for Community-Based Primary Care
We're committed to improving access to primary care where it's needed most.
Committed to improving the
Committed to improving the
health of our communities
Enhanced, community-based
Enhanced, community-based
primary care
Clinical programs that solve
complex health care issues
Care management services with a demonstrated ROI
Care management services
with a demonstrated ROI


Community Care of North Carolina is dedicated to our physicians, their communities, and every patient they serve.

As the largest North Carolina-based independent primary care practice partner, Community Care of North Carolina’s commitment to community-based healthcare in this state runs deep and strong. CCNC wants to ensure independent practices continue to control how they operate and ultimately impact their communities now and in the future.


We support independent practices throughout North Carolina so they can continue to provide the highest levels of care to their patients and communities. We simplify the business of healthcare using our extensive experience with public and private payers and decades of expertise with community-based healthcare, and we bring this expertise to every practice.

Our proven results in the tools, support, and advice we provide, and our collective buying power means independent practices can offer the same level of services and care to smaller communities as large healthcare corporations, keeping the focus on improving the lives of patients.


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CCNC provides independent physicians and practice managers
with layers of support that saves time and delivers resources needed to
keep a practice operating smoothly


primary care


Supporting Primary Care

We provide direction on how to effectively run your practice while providing elevated levels of care

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care management


Care Management

We assess “Impactability” to ensure care management resources reach the patients who need it the most

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clinical programs


Clinical Programs

We solve complex healthcare problems with our structured population management programs

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partnering with ccpn


Partnering with CCPN

Learn more about this physician-led, clinically integrated network that helps independent primary care and behavioral health clinicians

Visit CCPN's website 


Join us at CCNC, where our collective efforts contribute to a happier and healthier North Carolina


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