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Family Engagement Tools

Healthy Weight and Physical Activity: Family Engagement Tools

This tool is intended to initiate an interactive discussion about behavior changes based on patient and family readiness. Begin with the “How Ready Is Your Family” document, and use the supporting, numbered tools (#1 to #6 below) to teach children and their families general concepts, and then to support their choice of potential behavior options. Once they choose an option, use the materials (below) with the corresponding numbers to provide more information about their choice(s).


How Ready Is Your Family?

1: Better Drink Choices

        Goal Sheet: Drinks

        Extra Resource: How Much Sugar is in Your Drink

2: Smart Eating on the Go & Eat This, Not That (front and back)

        Goal Sheet: Fast Foods

3: Healthy Plate

        Goal Sheet: Healthy Plate

4: Great Snack Combinations & Snack Smart (front and back)

        Goal Sheet: Snacks

5: Guide for Shopping List & What's in Your Cart (front and back)

        Goal Sheet: Healthy Foods

        Extra Resource: You Are What You Eat (front and back)

6: Get Moving & Track It (front and back)

        Goal Sheet: Exercise