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The Center for Community-Based Primary Care

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CCNC’s Mission, Vision & Values


Mission Statement

To improve the health and quality of life of all North Carolinians by building and supporting better community-based health care delivery systems.





Vision Statement

From the mountains to the coast, healthy communities across North Carolina.






Accountability: We believe that having a diverse workforce produces creative solutions, provides unique insights and innovation in the markets we serve, and adds greater value to our employees’ and customers’ experiences. We are committed to fostering an environment of equity and inclusion that are reflective of the communities we serve. We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, decisions, and services. We continually assess and evaluate our activities and results; we analyze, share, and act on this information to ensure continuous effective high-quality services, value, and access.
Collaboration: We believe the health of a population is directly related to the strength of the collaboration within the community’s system of care. We support stewardship and systems of care that are mutually beneficial for patients, providers, and payers, and are committed to partnering with communities to improve access to those systems of care.
Excellence: We are committed, patient-centered, community-focused and results-oriented. We use data and knowledge to conduct continuous quality improvement to achieve the best outcomes in cost, quality, and experience for patients, providers, and payers. We remain committed on the values of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.
Innovation: We embrace the changing health care landscape and pursue new and creative ideas to positively impact our communities and help patients and providers successfully adapt to change. Through a culture of innovation, we strive to do the right thing, do it well, and do it together.
Health Equity and Access: We acknowledge the longstanding impact of systemic racism and inequality in the health care system, and are committed to learning, change, and innovation. We partner with our providers and communities to address gaps in health disparities, so everyone has access to affordable, high-quality care.



























Value Proposition


From the mountains to the coast, from large cities to small towns, Community Care of North Carolina is transforming health care. Informed by statewide data and predictive analytics, community-based care-managers work with local physicians and diverse teams of health professionals to develop whole-person plans of care that connect people to the right local resources and increase equity and access to high quality care. We advance patient-centered practice models and connect different segments of the local health systems. This proven population health management approach delivers better health outcomes, at lower costs, to communities across North Carolina, including those that experience the greatest health disparities. Through these activities, CCNC and Community Care Physician Network help practices thrive financially, provide high value care, maximize provider satisfaction, and take charge of their own destinies.