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Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

It's been a great year for Community Care of North Carolina.

Over the last twelve months we’ve replaced our care management technology platform to more efficiently connect physicians, patients and care managers. It’s been an undertaking that has involved all of Community Care of North Carolina. Together we've logged countless hours, to include
weekends and evening working collaboratively with our partner VirtualHealth, to develop new ways to more efficiently connect busy physicians to their patients and care managers. This has been a major achievement and important step for us as we transition to and work in a commercial managed care marketplace.

In November we learned that CCNC earned a second, three-year accreditation in complex care management from NCQA. Both these achievements required a massive amount of effort across the entire CCNC family.

Our analytics team has developed a new, innovative tool that cuts through massive amounts of data, criteria, metrics and requirements to enable practices to smartly and resourcefully conduct population health management for their patients. Simply said, this new CCNC product helps physicians quickly sort through multiple health plan requirements in an efficient way to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction and to reduce the administrative costs of the practice.

Last month the CCNC Board of Directors approved management’s recommendations to build out the “new” CCNC to meet the needs of North Carolina’s future Medicaid system. We have now completed a full year of integration with AccessCare and will begin early in 2019 to onboard others whose boards
choose this path, a major step that will enable us to operate more efficiently and preserve our statewide footprint.

With nearly 2,400 physician members Community Care Physician Network is now one of the largest – if not the largest – clinically integrated networks in the country. Together CCNC and CCPN share a common vision – ensuring on-going access to primary care for patients across the state.

We have completed the recruitment phase of our PTN work. Our PTN team achieved 94% of our goal of 3,000 by enrolling 2,829 clinicians overall. The entire team is to be congratulated!

In January we will welcome four new CCNC and NCCCN Board members to our governance structures. Paul Grundy, M.D., HealthTeamWorks, Tom Bacon, Sheps Center, Roxanne Townsend, M.D., Health Management Associates, and Jeffrey Sims, UNC School of Public Health.

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work, dedication and championing of CCNC and what we have built together over a nearly 20-year period. The eyes of the nation are upon us, seeking to learn how we navigate this new world of commercial managed care while maintaining North Carolina’s enviable track record of quality, low cost care and an open door to access across rural and urban communities. We view Medicaid reform as an opportunity for CCNC to evolve and to continue playing a positive and constructive role in our state.

We wish you the very best for the holiday season and look forward to working with you next year. 


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L. Allen Dobson, Jr.


Message from the CEO