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Anxiety Tools (Pediatric)

Anxiety Resource Guide

This resource guide was designed to assist busy primary care practitioners (PCCs) in accessing practical, evidence-based tools to help them successfully screen for and treat anxiety in children/adolescents.


Child/Adolescent Anxiety Resource Guide

The child/adolescent resource guide includes an algorithm to aid in the initial assessment and corresponding treatment approach (of child/adolescent anxiety), screening tools, a psychopharmacology guide, and billing and coding guidance. In addition, the resource guide provides an overview of “common” anxiety-related disorders (descriptions and coding), cluster symptomology, potential co-occurring/mimicking conditions, pediatric plan of care (including referral and co-management with a mental health specialist), and on the transitioning of patients from the pediatric to the adult setting. Information related to trauma and stressor-related exposure/response is highlighted throughout its contents, where applicable.



Download Child/Adolescent Anxiety Resource Guide


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