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Pharmacy Home

Medication reconciliation improves safety, quality

Pharmacy Home

The Pharmacy Home Web Application was created to support CCNC pharmacy management initiatives and address the need for to provide more comprehensive and timely information on medication to the primary care provider, network pharmacist, and care manager collaborating on patient care. 

Extracts of pharmacy claims history and real time connections to Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Retail Pharmacies are loaded into the application database to provide a detailed patient prescription history and user-generated reports such as adherence calculations, gaps in therapy and other clinical care alerts (e.g., indicator of beta agonist overuse, which may indicate poor asthma control).  Data includes both point-of-care activities and population-based reports identifying patients who may benefit from pharmaceutical care outreach through the medical home.

ONC Challenge Grant

CCNC benefits from a Challenge Grant from the Office of the National Coordinator for Information Technology to build on CCNC’s existing “Pharmacy Home” application, a model web-based medication management application currently in use with 1.2 million CCNC Medical Home Medicaid enrollees. Under this grant, the North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NCHIE) charged CCNC with enhancing the existing “Pharmacy Home” application by connectng it to the NCHIE as a value-added service available to all payers and providers.  The Pharmacy Home aims to be a node on the NCHIE to provide a “common view” of all available medication lists.  This enhanced set of aggregated information promotes medication reconciliation efforts and better decision support.


PHARMACeHOME is a web-based platform that was developed in response to the silos of care that can emerge around medication records. This platform serves as a workspace where all those providing care for a patient can review and contribute to the medication use "story" of a patient. The platform allows for the identification of drug therapy problems and communication of those problems to a prescriber or other healthcare professionals able to resolve the issue. Where electronic links are available the system can retrieve and communicate data to other electronic medical record systems. Family doctors, specialists, hospitals and pharmacies can all access this information. The net result is enhanced communication and collaboration in caring for today’s patient.

Click the link to the left to view the PHARMACeHOME tool.  (Provider signup and registration required.)