North Carolina Health Information Exchange

Onramp to the information superhighway

The NC HIE is now the NCHIEA.

Legislation passed in the 2015 Long Session of the NC General Assembly directed that the NC HIE be transferred to a new authority under State control effective February 29, 2016.  That new entity, NC Health Information Exchange Authority (NCHIEA), took over operations on March 1, 2016. 

All existing contracts with the NCHIE have terminated in accordance with the State law. All state level HIE services going forward will be provided by NCHIEA. Please see the NCHIEA website link above for more information. Questions or concerns about the NCHIEA should be directed to or to Kelly Fuller, Executive Director of the NCHIEA.

It is important to note that contracts you have with CCNC, Inc. DO NOT expire. CCNC services are governed under a separate agreement, the CCNC Technology Enabled Care Coordination Agreement (“CCNC-TECCA”). Services you receive from CCNC’s Informatics Center will continue without change.

CCNC strongly supports the State’s efforts to provide a robust health information exchange and encourages providers to continue to participate in this effort. Thank you for your cooperation.