EMR Connectivity and Meaningful Use

About CCNC and NC HIE

In February, 2013, Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and the North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE) announced an agreement to work together to facilitate the secure transfer of patient data in an effort to improve physicians’ access to health care data and electronic health records. This partnership seeks to provide medical professionals across North Carolina with the information they need to make the best medical decisions for their patients. This collaboration will help improve the quality of care patients receive, will help control medical costs and will put physicians on the right path to achieve Meaningful Use (MU).

Functionality within CCNC and NC HIE

Eligible Professionals and Hospitals will have the capability to:

  • Submit electronic data to the North Carolina Immunization Registry.
  • Submit electronic Clinical Quality Measures (required for eligible professionals only).
  • Utilize CCNC’s chronic disease registry services for population health management and quality improvement activities.
  • Provide electronic submission of reportable lab results to the North Carolina Division of Public Health (required for eligible hospitals only).
  • Identify and report cancer cases to the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry.
  • Access encounter-based patient information across the HIE Network.

Next steps

  • Stay Informed - visit the NC HIE website, nchie.org, for the latest information.
  • Register Intent to Attest to Public Health Measures with DPH -- Eligible Professionals must inform the NC Division of Public Health (DPH) about their intent to attest to certain Public Health measures. Stay tuned for more information from DPH on this requirement.
  • Get Connected - CCNC and the NC HIE are ready to discuss your specific connectivity options and participation in the health information exchange, including how to best meet MU measures.
  • Subsidy Program - Did you know that some or all of your cost to connect to the NC HIE may be covered by a state-sponsored subsidy program? Eligible professionals can learn more by speaking with CCNC.
  • Ready to Connect? Great! Use the CCNC contact information below or visit nchie.org to get started.
CCNC Contacts
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Jayson CaraccioloProject Coordinator,
Technical Integrations
jcaracciolo@n3cn.org(919) 926-3901