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Webinar #1

"Introduction to PCMH and Multi-Payer"

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"Introduction to NCQA and PCMH Recognition"

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"The Must-Pass Elements"

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"1 & 2 and the Record Review Workbook"

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"Standards 3 and 4"

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"Standards 5 & 9 and Meaningful Use"

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Standards 6 & 8

"Standards 6 & 8"

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ISS and Record Review Workbook

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2008 PCMH Resources

Resources for practices following the 2008 PCMH Path

Below you will find materials assembled by CCNC's PCMH Team for practices moving toward 2008 PCMH recognition. While the team's primary focus is on the multi-payer demonstration projects, these materials provide a roadmap for any practice seeking PCMH status.

PCMH 2008 Workbook Available

The 2008 PCMH Workbook is a detailed overview and "how-to" document (MS-Word 97-2003 compatible file) that provides guidance and examples of documentation for the entire PCMH process.  Thanks to Dr. Chip Watkins for many hours of research and compilation. Special thanks also to the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians for technical support and troubleshooting.

On the left rail of this page are links to the archived videos of the 2008 webinars conducted by Dr. David Halpern. On the right rail, you'll find the 2008 PowerPoint presentations themselves.

Another useful item in the PCMH process is NCQA's PCMH "Record Review Workbook," which is discussed in Webinar 4. The Workbook is an Excel spreadsheet medical practices can use to record information for their NCQA application. A brief (two page) "frequently-asked questions" document that provides instructions for the Workbook is available here.

Keep checking this page for updates to our PCMH resources. If you come across information you think would be helpful to others, please let us know.