CCNC Adult Care Home Workgroup

Bringing medical homes to adult care home residents

Community Care of North Carolina has spearheaded a workgroup with representatives of Adult Care Homes, the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance, the North Carolina Long Term Care Association and CCNC networks to facilitate the development of a medical home model for Adult Care Home residents and facilities (ACH) in North Carolina.

Under this pilot initiative, the workgroup will develop best practices that inform a model of care suitable to residents of Adult Care Homes. Some key elements of the Medical Home model for adult care home residents will include:

  • Enrolling ACH residents in a medical home and creating linkage with primary care providers;
  • Increasing resources and information available to clinical and administrative staff of adult care homes;
  • Increasing communication between service providers affiliated with ACH residents;
  • Increasing ACH staff competency;
  • Providing transitional care management support;
  • Supporting medication management activities;
  • Developing uniform hospital and Emergency Department communication protocols; and
  • Enhancing palliative care capacity.

The ACH Workgroup aims to collaboratively establish best practices across CCNC networks and adult care homes participating in the pilot with the overall goals of reducing inappropriate use of ambulance and emergency department services, decreasing avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions and improving the quality of, and access to, care for adult care home residents.

Partners in the ACH Workgroup effort include the NC Association Long Term Care Facilities and their members, local ACH facility staff and leaders, the Division of Adult and Aging Services, CCNC Central Office and network staff, the Division of Medical Assistance and the North Carolina Long Term Ombudsman Program.

To view a video of the October 9 webinar on Adult Care Homes hosted by Melanie Whitener of the NC Division of Medical Assistance, please click "play" below.

Adult Care Home Workgroup Webinar - October 9, 2012 from CCNC on Vimeo.

Webinar on PCS and Adult Home PASRR

To view a presentation by Sabrena Lea, Section Chief, Home and Community Care and Talbatha Myatt, PCS Program Manager, please click "play" on the video below.

February, 2013 Webinar hosted by DMA staff managing adult care homes and PCS.