Publications and Reports

Performance data and analysis

Providing access to quality health care while restraining cost is the cornerstone of the Community Care program. CCNC reports and analyses examine what we are doing to improve the health of the Medicaid population in North Carolina and how these efforts are paying off. 

The Enhanced Primary Care Case Management System Legislative Report provides the N.C. General Assembly with quarterly updates on our work. The report summarizes the results of CCNC's latest program initiatives and provides risk-adjusted analyses of acuity levels and cost trends of the CCNC-enrolled population. Through the Informatics Center, CCNC also collects and analyzes Medicaid cost and utilization data on a regular basis.  A quick overview of CCNC's "vital stats" is available through the Medicaid Measures Dashboard compiled by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Disease and care management measures

Community Care has developed quality improvement and care management initiatives that achieve access, quality, utilization, and cost objectives by improving the management of patient care.  These initiatives aim to assess the needs and severity of their enrolled population in order to target care and disease management initiatives where they are most beneficial.   Overviews on these programs can be found under Population Management.  Reports of clinical measures are available below.