Network Update 5: 12/16/2011

  • CCNC Call Center Begins Operations
    The new staff of CCNC’s Call Center has begun monitoring real-time Emergency Department data to identify opportunities for targeted telephone outreach to high utilizers of ED services, especially patients who appear to be presenting with non-emergent conditions.  The program will be piloted in two CCNC networks initially, impacting patients in Mecklenburg, Gaston and Lincoln Counties.  Call center staff (see below for staff announcements) will identify barriers to more appropriate treatment options and promote medical homes for. Chief targets for outreach are Treo “high preventables” and ABD non-duals.
  • Welcome new employees!
    Crystal Logrono, Nosyaba Askar and Teresa Bowman
    are now Health Educators reporting to Debbie Murray in CCNC’s newly established Call Center in Suite 100.

Starting in January:

  • Jane Clay will be joining CCNC full time as a Quality Improvement Specialist providing oversight, support and technical assistance in support of program-wide goals and objectives.  She’ll be based at the Central Office but also travel to CCNC Networks to provide onsite technical assistance and support.
    Patricia Rowe will serve as a Senior Data Analyst reporting to Carlos Jackson beginning January 3, 2012.
    Amelia Mahan
    joins CCNC in late January as a Behavioral Health State Coordinator reporting to Dr. Mike Lancaster.
  • CCNC Partnering with ActiveHealth beginning January 1
    CCNC’s partnership with ActiveHealth Management will begin in January 2012 with referrals to CCNC of select high-risk/high-cost State Health Plan members for care coordination and follow up.   Members from ten North Carolina counties -- those participating in the Multi-payer demonstration project and Beacon Communities – will be involved in the program’s first wave.  Full- and part-time nurse care managers will be in place in each CCNC network, where they expect to manage between 20 (.5 FTE) and 40 patients (1 FTE) each.
  • Two-Day “Lean Health Care” Workshop
    NC State University’s Industrial Extension Services is offering a two-day workshop on “Lean Health Care.”  The event will be held January 18th and 19th in Kannapolis, NC at Piedmont Behavioral Health Care office. Cost to attend will be $175 to $300 per person depending on enrollment volume.  The workshop is a two-day lecture and hands-on exercise in the basic tools needed to begin a “lean” journey. Concepts come from the Toyota Production System (TPS), an approach  Japanese automaker Toyota has used successfully to eliminate waste for more than 70 years.  Topics include Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Standard Work, A3 for problem solving and Kaizen.  Want to know more? Contact Cindy Oakes at Community Care of Southern Piedmont.
  • REACH Program Wins McIver Award
    UNC Department of Family Medicine’s REACH (Reaching out to Enhance the Health of Residents of Area Care Homes) program has won the prestigious McIver Award.  Named for pediatric dentist Dr. F. Thomas McIver, the award honors outstanding providers of community services.  Congrats to UNC’s REACH Program!
  • CCNC Web Cooperative kicks off
    Eight CCNC networks will be working together to build locally-managed web sites.  Capstrat, the firm that designed the CCNC website will build local extensions to CCNC’s existing web and content management systems. The web group will be meeting by conference call in January.
  • ResourceOne site continues to grow
    The online/on-demand printing site at ResourceOne continues to add materials.  Topics of the latest brochures to be added are Behavioral Health Care and Pallative Care.  Also new:  pediatric "medical home" magnets.  If you need materials from this site, check with the ResourceOne coordinator in your network.

 Have an item you would like CCNC folks to know about?  Please let Paul Mahoney know. 

 Thanks and have a great weekend!