Network Update 12: 3/23/2012

Chronic Pain Initiative launched. The problems of untreated pain, skyrocketing overdose rates and inappropriate use of pain medications are the focus of a broad coalition of stakeholders determined to improve clinical treatment of pain in North Carolina. Chronic Pain Initiative (CPI) partners include CCNC, the North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA), the North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians, local hospitals and emergency departments, local health departments, primary care doctors, faith-based programs, law enforcement, and others. The program launched statewide last week and each CCNC network has named a CPI coordinator to work with local providers and share provider toolkits aimed at care managers, primary care practices and emergency room physicians. See CCNC’s CPI page and PR Web for details.

CCNC highlighted at health summit. A health summit entitled: “What the Health: Can we Survive our Health System?” was hosted by NCSPIN and GSK this week. Speakers representing a variety of interests and viewpoints spoke, including CCNC’s Dr. Allen Dobson. Video of the event is available on the WRAL website. You can also check out the CCNC site for a clip of Dr. Dobson’s comments
on the morning’s “innovations” panel

CCNC in the News. Recent media coverage of CCNC includes:
• An article on Stateline about the continuing debate about how to estimate savings attributable to medical homes:
• An interview with CCNC’s Jerry McKee; and
• A blog reference to CCNC’s efforts to target highly impactable patients.

Happy First Birthday to the Pregnancy Medical Home initiative! The program working to bring healthier birthdays to children across North Carolina has a birthday itself next week. The partnership between CCNC, the NC Division of Medical Assistance and the NC Division of Public Health is designed to provide comprehensive, coordinated maternity care to Medicaid patients. Each CCNC network has an OB physician champion and an OB nurse coordinator responsible for recruiting and supporting the more than 300 participating medical practices. Congrats to the Pregnancy Medical Home program for working to improve outcomes for mothers and babies, and reduce medical care costs.

Palliative care research to be published. CCNC’s Jonathan Fischer and colleagues will shortly publish an article on NC’s efforts to improve access to hospice and palliative care for seriously ill Medicaid enrollees. The abstract was presented at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) Conference in Denver on March 9th. The article will appear in the   Journal of Pain and Symptom Management later this year.

“You quit, two quit” materials. Community Care of the Lower Cape Fear is partnering with the UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health Quality Improvement/Tobacco Intervention grant for women of childbearing years (18-44). Work on the two-year grant, funded by the Office of Women’s Health, includes assembling useful information on billing for cessation counseling, pharmacotherapy for tobacco cessation, and other practice resources. This material might be helpful to other CCNC networks and providers. Please see the group’s latest bulletin for more information.

Duke summit to feature Informatics Center. CCNC’s Annette DuBard, MD, MPH, Director of Informatics, Quality and Evaluation, will be speaking at Duke’s Joint Health Informatics Seminar on the impact of the CCNC Informatics Center on the health of vulnerable populations. The seminar will be held on April 4th from 4:00-5:00 pm in Hock Plaza auditorium.

Welcome new employee! Please welcome Heather Moore, who will be joining CCNC’s accounting team on Monday, April 2. 

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