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Presentation: Medicaid Budget Flat

Short video examining state spending on Medicaid for SFY 2010 through SFY 2014

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CCNC Data Briefs

Learnings and insights from North Carolina data

CCNC periodically publishes data briefs to share interesting discoveries, insights and conclusions.  Click on the thumbnails below to download a brief.  Comments and questions are encouraged.  Just drop an email to Paul Mahoney and we'll be in touch.

CCNC Data briefs
Data Brief No. 1: NC  Medicaid Spending is Flat, PredictableData Brief No. 2: Hospitalization Trends in NC Medicaid

Data Brief No. 3: Who Provides Primary Care Medical Homes for NC Medicaid Recipients?Data Brief No. 4: Optimizing Targeting for Care Management of Complex Patients

Data Brief No. 5: Identifying Highest Yield Transitional Care OpportunitiesData Brief No. 6: Palliative Care Reduces Costs for Seriously Ill Medicaid Beneficiaries
Data Brief No. 7: ABCD Program Improves Screening RatesData Brief No. 8: Emergency Department Use Among Medicaid Patients with Schizophrenia:
Data Brief No. 9: Effectiveness of TC Model Among Dual Medicare/Medicaid BeneficiariesDate Brief No.10: Care Management for Medicaid Children: Insights for Savings Optimization
Date Brief No.11: Savings Impact of Community Care of North Carolina: A Review of the Evidence