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To get a sense of how CCNC operates, please see the video from North Piedmont Community Care.

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CCNC Healthcare Award Winners

Video compilation of comments from the winners of the 2014 CCNC Healthcare Quality Awards

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The Community Care Story

Why a community-based system really works

Too often, health care is a source of frustration instead of a path to healing. The system can be inefficient, costly and difficult to navigate.

But at Community Care, we are changing the health care experience by changing the way health care is delivered. We strongly believe that the best system is rooted in the communities it serves. We know that efforts directed by doctors and focused on local patients make quality care more efficient and cost-effective.

So through our public-private partnership, we have brought together regional networks of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, health departments, social service agencies and other community organizations. These professionals work together to provide cooperative, coordinated care through the Medical Home model. This approach matches each patient with a primary care physician who leads a health care team that addresses the patient’s health needs.  

Are we finding success? According to an independent evaluation by leading actuarial firm Milliman, Inc, CCNC saved nearly a billion dollars in the four years from 2007 through 2010. And our work has been praised by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Harvard University, which recognized Community Care with a 2007 Innovations in American Government Award.

In North Carolina, physician-driven, patient-centered care is happening. And it is benefiting more than 5,000 providers, 1.4 million patients and 9 million taxpayers.

To get a sense of CCNC's long-term mission and approach to care, please see the video below. 

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